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Moanin is a nomadic art gallery but also very present on the web to promote the artworks of its artists and give them an international visibility to a wide audience of urban and contemporary art lovers. Moanin is affiliated to 2 important online art platforms to publicize their artworks on 5 continents and in 7 languages.

Artist Agent

Moanin mainly defends urban culture and represents well-known and emerging artists, mostly coming from Street Art, Graffiti and Pop Art. Highly selective in choosing the artists she represents, Moanin is always on the lookout for new emerging artists and many recognized talents trust her to promote their work.


Moanin regularly organizes exhibitions for its artists in cultural or atypical places but also on the occasion of exhibitions, international art fairs or private or public cultural events related to the patronage of large companies or the promotion of major international brands wishing to associate their image with that very popular and trendy contemporary urban art.


Art Advisory


Expertise & monitoring of the Art market

With proven experience and expertise, Moanin is in constant contact with international players in the world of contemporary art. Always very present in the heart of this sector, we know perfectly well the operation and the latest trends.

Advisory for artwork acquisition

With its network and its knowledge of the market we offer a consulting service for the acquisition of artworks for individuals wishing to establish or enhance a private collection or with companies and institutions still in research looking for new emerging talent.

Private & institutional collections

Moanin is at your full disposal to assist and advise you in the purchase of artworks whether for pleasure or investment, private, institutional or professional, with benefits to business and or leasing acquisition, and that even if the artist is not represented by the gallery.


Art Agency

Communication & Cultural Events


With its expertise in the field of contemporary art market and particularly urban and contemporary art, Moanin is regularly asked to give conferences on this theme by professors of plastic art of the French education, or as a speaker at cultural conferences or at international art fairs.

Cultural Events

Moanin organizes cultural events for companies that want to communicate by associating their image with the trendy urban art. Moanin also organizes and participates actively in the organization of festivals at the request of cultural associations of municipalities and even countries during local and international cultural events.


Our Communication Agency activity aims to provide turnkey solutions to our clients, companies and institutions, the best solutions and cultural communication actions best suited to ensure the success of their artistic events, branding or other sponsorship action. Moanin also keeps you regularly informed of the latest developments in the art market.

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