Saint Oma

Saint-Oma aka Thomas Durcudoy was born 1973. From the Fine Arts, Saint-Oma is a draftsman of ideas. He practices both drawing and painting on canvas. One of the results of his work is the collage on the walls of Paris. Along with his work at the ENS letter library and his work as a freelance 2D animator, he tirelessly fills his notebooks with relevant and topical drawings. He plays with expressions, puns and metaphors. He was represented by the Agnès B. gallery at the Drawing Now 2014 fair in Paris.


Saint-Oma's black and white drawings give priority to image narration. The common thread is a dark and amused reflection, a tragicomic observation of our condition. Society and its shortcomings, the relationship to oneself and the relationship to others are the basis, echoing our lack of distance, our limitations, overcoming, struggle, eternal return, subjugation, to the victim / torturer relationship, to our beliefs and our dependencies ...

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