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Peri Helio is a Spanish artist born in Vigo, in 1983. He has a degree in mathematics specializing in astronomy. Self-taught, his pictorial career was closely linked to urban art and public space.

Despite his scientific training, Peri has always been closely linked to art. In 2001, Peri entered the Faculty of Mathematics , although beyond the theorems and proofs that he studied, he was mainly interested in the mathematical concepts behind those results, and focused her interest on Geometry and Topology, without abandoning the drawing and the spray cans that occupy their free hours.

Critical of today's society, as visual philosopher of the human condition, with a deep ecological awareness and, without a doubt, an observer of nature and its changes. All of those aspects are part of his personality who is evident in the creative process of this Vigo artist.

Throughout his career, Peri has made numerous murals in various cities and countries: Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Berlin, Vigo, Porto, Santiago de Compostela, Rome, Lyon, Vicenza ... these are some of the cities where you can find his works . 

In addition, he has held numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, in various spaces and countries such as the Museum of Pontevedra (Pontevedra), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Pue rto del Rosario (Tenerife), Gal ería Superposition (Lyon), Galería Vorágine ( Avilés), BECUH (Oporto), Mambo Gallery (Vigo), La Frontera (Rome) ... and his work has been published in various magazines and books such as "The essential names of Graffiti and Spanish Urban Art", by Editorial Lunwerg , or the first volume of “Street Art & Graffiti . Porto e Matosinhos ”, by Fronteira Do Caos Editores.

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