Pere Moles

Pere Moles is a multidisciplinary plastic artist, born in 1971 in Andorra, also graphic designer, graduated from the Center for Art and Design of the Massana school, enrolled at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Recognized for its “Estripagecs” ornaments and traditional protections of chalets in the Pyrenees and Andorra region.

He diversifies them whether in the form of paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, his imagination has no limit. It explores the relationship between cultural heritage, the object as utility and the object as a work of art. In 2012 he launched the international biennial of Land Art in Andorra, curator, he installed monumental estripagecs in the natural park of Sorteny (Ordino).


In 2019 Pere Moles is selected to exhibit his Estripagecs in Australia during the international Land Art competition “Sculpture by the Sea” in Cottesloe.

In 1992 he created his own design studio and a communication agency for the creation of cultural and artistic projects.

He has published “Andorra Tresors Gràfics”, “Diccionari Visual d'Andorra” and “Instands'”.

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