Pelucas Pilas Bubbles

Pelucas Pilas Bubbles - PELS

Pelucas  is a Spanish artist born in Vigo, in 1980.

As a teenager he began to paint and create together with her twin brother Liqen. Connecting with the world of mass media, marvel comics, shongoku, mortadelo and filemon, and with a strong attraction for the observation of nature and its beings.

At the end of the 90s, with his crew called "Los Niños Especiales (V.S.C)", Liqen, Nano 4814, Kiko Perez or Perihelio, they moved and inspired them self by the worlds of skateboarding, heavy music and punk. The street became there house and his restless creativity is quickly reflected on the walls of Vigo creating a different style for those times and spaces.

His favorite method is improvisation, work in progress and the automatic expulsion of ideas cloistered in the collective ideal and subconscious. With his personal fauvist and tropical style, he creates multiple surreal universes full of psychotropic characters, which paradoxically bring us closer to very real and close dream universes. With a humorous, sarcastic and absurd humor, full of humanity and double meanings, it reveals deep and critical meanings about the world that surrounds us at the same time, such a mirror of our society. Make us understand how we can be , sometimes stupids.

His double appreciation for the abstract and the figurative, his particular mastery of color, as well his taste for double images and trompe l'oeils, makes his art complex and fun at the same time, ironic and serious. Always in the duality and double faces that characterize his universe.

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