Pascal Fromont-Skalp

In 1969, when Neil Armstrong puts his foot on the moon, Skalp already has his head in the Cosmos ... even after removing his placental helmet. Mad-Movies, Starfix, and L'Ecran Fantastique become his bedside magazines and arouse in him a fascination for his mysterious, strange, monstrous, out of the ordinary congeners, who have a particular strength ...


Skalp has no doubts… he too possesses a very special strength. His grandfather, an art cabinetmaker, introduced him to beauty and encouraged him to paint and draw whatever came to his mind. During his adolescence, a graphic design school and then the Gobelins Image Trades Center validated his graphic technique and confirmed his vocation for visual expression.


After many professional, sentimental, cosmic and geographical trips, Skalp feels the need to create his own universe.

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