Born in 1975 in Paris, Sébastien Feraut is better known in the street art world under the nickname Niark1.


With more than one string to his bow, Niark1 poses as an illustrator, graphic designer and painter of genius. During his career, he has worked with very big brands and has even managed to take his particular style to the streets with unique collaborations with Converse or with Bugaboo strollers. He also signs many festival posters such as those of “Déferlantes” in 2016 or visuals for internationally renowned artists such as Pharrell Williams.


If so many companies and personalities trust Niark1 to take charge of their image, it is no coincidence. French exhibits everywhere in Europe and the United States: Copenhagen, Berlin, Tampa… And his universe makes everyone agree. His style is influenced by the cubism of Pablo Picasso, the neo-expressionism of Basquiat or even African art and art brut.


Niark1 has always been obsessed with monsters since his childhood. He cherishes them and invokes them in all his creations because they allow him to give free rein to his imagination, without imposing on it any rules or limits. These fantastic characters give rise to rich, colorful and supercharged paintings. Niark1's works are reminiscent of Indian totems, a kind of hybrid deities with deformed and changing animal heads: owls, cats, horned beasts ... The artist explains that he is passionate about Eastern countries and especially by their culture inhabited by many demons and other mythological creatures.


If the artist makes many original drawings in pencil and ink, MOANIN invites you here to discover more particularly Niark1's talents as a painter. Large format canvases that oscillate between pop-surrealism and free figuration.

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