Miquel Mercè

Miquel Mercè Andorra - 1982

Born in Escaldes-Engordany in 1982, Miquel Mercè is an architect, designer and photographer. For some time now, he has wanted to experience first-hand the design of an architecture with strong conceptual and artistic bases, full of values and sensations, which led him to Olot. He worked there at RCR Arquitectes, well known for his projects characterized by integration into the environment, which was an intense experience that changed his way of understanding architecture. He now lives his profession in a “deeper and more artistic way, with an additional load of sensitivity”. This deepening also permeated the way he approaches photography.


Miquel Mercè follows two divergent and confluent paths at the same time, as an architect and photographer. The architect endeavors to materialize in three dimensions the projects initially embodied on paper in countless sketches and plans. The photographer moves in an apparently opposite direction: he redraws a three-dimensional reality on a surface. These paths in opposite directions end up becoming a continuous flow, a virtuous circuit, a coherent overall vision. The flows that Mercè crosses do not stop in the transition from the most architectural, bodily or sculptural to the flatter, ethereal and pictorial (or vice versa). He also interprets an alternation which reaches rhythms, the time of maturation.


A completely finished architectural project can be the translation of months or even years of preparation: it is a construction. His photography aspires to freeze a complex process or a complete universe in a fraction of a second, an irreplaceable and unique wink: it can be reconstruction or deconstruction.

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