Lenny Mathé né en 1982 - France

To create was first of all a necessity. Not feeling free to tell his story but carried by a deep desire to communicate, Lenny Mathé first expressed himself through music. On this path, he collaborated with artists such as Cocorosie, Spleen or even Hindi Zhara. Over time, in a natural way, the images came to be added to the words. Writing, painting, drawing, so many mediums acquired in a self-taught way by an artist who has always preferred truant.


Each of his works is a score whose notes are the emotions. There are also silences that are as many questions about himself as about the world. The works do not deliver messages. They tell stories inspired for most of the artist's life, in a constant back and forth between past and present. The creative process is therapeutic. Pick up the pieces, fix a capricious memory, give it substance and finally free itself from it. In his work, a conscious and controlled part coexists with an intimate and collective unconscious.


Lenny Mathé likes strong and simple symbols at the same time. These symbols that speak to the greatest number and say the essential in absolute sobriety.

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