Leiga  Brésil - 1983

Calling himself a “joker”, Leiga, an artist from São Paulo, delivers rigorously positive creations. He spent his childhood in Guarulhos and fell in love, in 1994, with Street art. In parallel with an assiduous practice of skate, he sketched his first features through the practice of pixação in Brazil until 2012. Graduated from an art and design school at the São Paulo school, the artist began in an advertising agency, a job that fits perfectly with his practice of colors and which plays with his influence on his artistic practice.

Graphic design, advertising and also fashion provide him with the main features of his work. A figure of Street Art, Tinho, also nourishes his inspiration, by his practice of typography. The artist offers him to paint at his side and thus propels his career.

At the dawn of the 2000s, he explored graffiti until he experimented with it in the street. A fine scholar in design, his knowledge of concepts around space, construction, dimension… are at the service of a successful and complex work. The complexity follows the frame of cleverly applied colors. His art oscillates between the concrete and the abstract which intermingle. The artist applies a process of creation where his spontaneity is increased tenfold by listening to music. Leiga calls his style “bubbles” as “the internal part of an object or abstract propositions in which the viewer sees his own illusions”. “My work evokes this fall into a liquid world” GHJ, and spectators, let us fall, at his side, with relish, in his liquid, surreal and euphoric world.

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