Art is Trash

Francisco de Pajaro, known as Art is Trash, is a street artist born in 1970. Originally from Barcelona, his works have inhabited the streets of many cities around the world, in London, Berlin, Nantes, Barcelona, New York, Chicago, Miami , Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or even Bogotá.


Ephemeral works or murals, Art is Trash practices spontaneous and engaged urban art, with a backdrop of a look at consumerism. In a spiritual, almost shamanic relationship with matter, he resuscitates the rubbish that litter the street, transforming them into sculptures as confusing as they are sensitive. A spontaneity that we find when the artist decides to go from the street to the canvas. He explores other themes such as violence. Deceptively naive, his canvases and drawings appeal to everyone, as they do in the city.


Internationally renowned artist, Art is Trash has exhibited in numerous international galleries and art fairs in Barcelona, London, Dubai and Beijing.

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