Alex Pariss France -1983

Op art (optical art) finds its new prodigy with Alex Pariss (aka Alexandre Paris). Freelance illustrator and director, he simultaneously exploits the different facets of the eye through illusions or optical games.


Alex Pariss inherits the visual perceptions of Victor Vasarely, a major figure in the history of op art, while freeing himself through a singular and unusual optical game.


His works combine psychedelia, kinetism, illusion to intertwine the gaze. The retina propels the impression of movement until it reaches a retinal vibration.


The vibration hatched through various techniques employed by Alex Pariss (freehand painting, stencil, woodcut) to sketch an abstract but rigorously composed style. He develops a process where color plays a major role. The form, by its proliferation of circular lines, composes a swirling and vertiginous work. The vertigo turns to a delicious sensation, disturbing and numbing. The rapture operates when the optical illusion monopolizes the eye. The only difficulty raised by Alex Pariss: to get out of an intoxicating contemplation.


Alex Pariss propagates his optical illusions through numerous galleries (Paris, Lyon, Berlin…) or other large spaces (collective 59 in Rivoli, albatross space in Montreuil). Crowned with the “Ataq awards”, Alex Pariss was laureate in 2010. His work is published through various media: magazine (Chiz magazine publication, 2014 and 2012), “Creative Valley” conference in 2014…

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